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We aim to contribute to establishing a sustainable nation and promoting welfare for all members of society by pursuing civil engineering technology related to earth, water, and vegetation.

A Message from the President

As a general consulting firm, we have been working for the conservation of the global environment utilizing technologies in the fields of “Earth, Water and Vegetation”. The result has been an extensive accumulation of know-how and experience as we marked our 50th anniversary on May 2, 2016. We are very grateful for the support and cooperation you have given us over the years.

Since the establishment of our firm, we have been developing technologies focused on the formation of social infrastructures resilient to disasters. For that purpose, we conduct field surveys and monitoring of disaster areas, formulate reconstruction plans based on the results of laboratory tests and analyses, and design optimal countermeasures. We are also endeavoring to improve existing technologies and develop new technologies in each technical field.
Faced with the aging of a portion of existing infrastructures, it is necessary to strengthen the functions of infrastructures instead of simply extending their lifecycle. We provide technologies that contribute to improvement of social infra-structures, such as inspection and maintenance plans to delay aging and prolong service life. Moreover, in order to prevent sediment transport, we are taking on the challenge of revegetation in sterile soil conditions such as highly acidic soils, highly basic soils, steep bedrock, and extremely arid land with our technologies, with the additional benefit of contributing to global environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emissions.
We plan to further strengthen our support for disaster prevention education both overseas and in domestic regions, continuing our activities to make social contributions with technology.

April 2020
President and CEO
Aikawa Yuji

Company Profile

Established: May 2, 1966
Capital: 100,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees: 448 (as of September 30, 2022)

Headquarters: 3-18-5, Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, 105-0001 Tel +81-3-3436-3673 FAX +81-3-3432-3787
Overseas Business Pepartment: 3-18-5, Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, 105-0001 Tel +81-3-3432-3546 FAX +81-3-3432-3576

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Domestic Operation Performance Data

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Experience in Overseas Work

Title of Project Country Client Services
On-going Capacity Development for Maintenance of Resilient Mountainous Highways India JICA T/T
On-going Strengthening Capacity to Design and Inplement Transport Infrastructure Projects India ADB T/T
On-going Emergency response to improve food security and build resilience of climate affected families including IDPs and returnees in Bamyan(Phase 2) Afghanistan JPF(CWS Japan) T/T
On-going Basic research on Countermeasure works against Landslide on Roadside slopes Worldwide JICA F/S
On-going Technical cooperation for disaster resilience improvement projects Vietnam CWS Japan T/T
On-going Natural disaster management in forest areas in Uttarakhand India JICA T/T
2022 Community initiatives for flood risk reduction project Nepal ShaplaNeer* T/T
2022 Research and Development on DRR Methodology Indonesia CWS Japan F/S
2022 Southern Leyte Assistance on Shelter, MHPSS, WASH, DRR Philippines JPF(CWS Japan) T/T
2022 Emergency response to improve food security and build resilience of climate affected families including IDPs and returnees in Bamyan Afghanistan JPF(CWS Japan) T/T
2022 Country-Focused training course “Landslide countermesure works for trunk roads” Ethiopia JICA T/T
2022 Enhancing disaster resilience on droughts in Sindh Province Pakistan CWS Japan T/T
2022 Capacity development project on highways in mountainous regions India JICA T/T
2022 Capacity Development for Maintenance of Resilient Mountainous Highways India JICA F/S
2021 Emergency Assistance and Strengthening Community Resilience for the Affected Families by Cyclone Seroja in East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia JPF(CWS Japan) T/T
2021 Data collection survey on measures against flashflood and landslide in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam Vietnam JICA F/S
2021 Community disaster risk reduction capacity building project in Nangahar, Laghaman Province Afghanistan CWS Japan T/T
2020 Landslide disaster protection project of national road network Sri Lanka Sri Lanka T/T
2019 The Project for Mobilizing and Organizing Humanitarian Operations and Risk Reduction Activities in Disaster prone costal areas (MOHORA) Bangladesh ShaplaNeer* T/T
2018 Estimation of infrastructure demand for DRR project in Asia Asia & advanced nations JICA Research Institute Survey
2016 Follow-up survey on GIS information system and hazard mapping plan Guatemala JICA Survey
2015 Design & supervision of rectification work for the collapsed cut slope on southern expressway Sri Lanka NBRO, Sri Lanka T/T
2015 Community initiatives for disaster risk reduction project Nepal ShaplaNeer* T/T
2015 Development of landslide risk assessment technology along transport arteries in Vietnam Vietnam JICA
2015 Capacity developing project for countermeasure works for landslide in Ethiopia Ethiopia JICA T/T
2014 Project for landslide management Mauritius JICA T/T
2012 Data collection survey for road protection against natural disaster (landslide disaster) Sri Lanka JICA F/S
2011 Project for developing countermeasures against landslides in the Abay River Gorge Ethiopia JICA M/P
2008 Installation works for landslide automatic observing system China CGIET T/T
2006 Pakistan transport plan study in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistan JLS F/S
2003 Disaster mitigation support program project Nepal  JICA T/T

ShaplaNeer*=Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support

JICA:Japan International Cooperation Agency
JST:Japan Science and Technology Agency
MLIT:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
CGIET:Institute of Exploration Technology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
NBRO:National Building Research Organization
JLS:Japan Landslide Society
JPF:Japan Plat Form
ADB:Asia Development Bank
T/T:Technical transfer
M/P:Master plan study
F/S:Feasibility study